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Getting Your Home Market Ready

What is the key to getting your home market ready?

As a REALTOR, I give people advice on how to do this all of the time. But, my husband and I are now experiencing this ourselves. We are wanting to sell our first house soon and build a new one closer to our families. We have lived at our current home for 4 years and have made some great memories there. We got married just two months after we moved in, had our first child while we lived here and many more things we will always cherish and remember. But it’s time to move back to the city where we grew up and raise our family there.

Our Home

We want the next owners to make just as many memories in our house that we have. But before we put it on the market, there are some things we need to do to our house.

We don’t plan to put the house on the market for at least another two months – but we wanted to get started early so we don’t have to rush and do it all at once when we finally do decide to list it.

The first thing we did was update the landscaping outside. That’s the first thing people will see when they pull up - so we want our home to make a good impression. We got some mulch, planted some bright flowers and soon plan to pressure wash the house. Dirt and mud tends to splash up around the bottom of homes and I don’t want people to see “dirty” when they see my home. We also stained our porch. We first stained it when we moved it but the sun and normal wear and tear had it needing a fresh coat.

Our deck before staining

Our deck after staining

One thing I think will be an issue when selling our home is our current window frames. They are old and need replacing. So we plan to update those.

The next thing we plan to do is de-clutter! We have so much junk. I’m trying to go through and sell stuff that I won’t want to move twice. We will have to move into a rental when we sell our home then again once our house is built. So the less we have to move the better. We then will clean top to bottom, in every nook and cranny - we will borrow a carpet cleaner, the whole nine yards. If any rooms need some fresh paint we will do that as well.

You want your home to be bright and inviting not only in person, but also in pictures. If your pictures aren't good, then people may not even want to come see it in person. We will replace any blown out lights to brighten up the rooms. Simple things can go a long way!

I hope these tips were helpful for you and I hope our home will sell fast because of our updates! I’ll update you when we put it on the market.

For more information on getting your home market ready or any other questions about real estate, feel free to reach out to me! My phone number is 423-963-0091. Feel free to email me at karissawinstead@gmail.com or visit my website www.karissawinstead.com.

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