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The Salt Oasis Kingsport; helping with allergies and chronic pain

If you are someone who suffers from allergies or chronic pain, you might want to check out a spa in Colonial Heights. The Salt Oasis Kingsport, a salt therapy spa, opened its doors in 2018. Savanna McDavid and Anita Henley are the owners of the spa. McDavid said the idea came from Henley, who is her mother-in-law. "She had really bad allergies and sinuses and she didn't want to continue her whole life taking medication. So she started looking at what would be more of a natural route of helping with that relief," she said. "We stumbled upon salt therapy and we visited a few places in Indiana and North Carolina, and down in Nashville. We just decided we needed one of these in Kingsport."

Salt therapy is their main focus. The room is covered in salt and it is very peaceful. There are heated massage chairs in the salt room. A lot of people go in during their session to nap. As they nap, they breathe in dry, salt air that is blown into the air through a machine called a halo generator. The dry salt gets into your lungs and respiratory system and sinus cavities. "It can help with respiratory issues, it can help with bacteria in your lungs, or in your nasal cavities," McDavid explained.

The Salt Oasis also offers infrared light therapy. It is good for pain, inflammation, and injuries. They also have an infrared sauna which is great for sweating, detoxing and burning calories.

A little over a year ago, the Salt Oasis added foot detoxing. It helps pull toxins, chemicals, and metals out of your body through your feet. "It's actually really crazy what can come out of your body through your feet," McDavid said. "We tell people to drink a lot of water before and that helps your body get on the move of detoxing. We start with water right out of the sink and you just put your feet in this plastic basin and we have a little machine called an ionizer that goes in the middle and that creates a magnetic field and pulls those toxins out of your feet." She said every person will have a different experience with the detox. "Depending on your lifestyle you could end up with brown water, black water, it can be orange, green, different smells. It's pretty crazy," she said.

Some people have more energy and others are more sluggish after the detox.

Everything at The Salt Oasis are natural therapies. So each session effects people differently.

McDavid said they plan to expand and add even more services soon.

The Salt Oasis also has salt lamps and other products available to purchase.

If you are interested in trying a session, The Salt Oasis Kingsport is located at 4016 Fort Henry Dr, Kingsport, TN 37663 or you can make an appointment by visiting their website. Savanna was my guest this week on the Goal Getter Podcast with Karissa Winstead. You can listen to my interview here.

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