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Traveling with a Toddler

If you know me, you know I love to travel. But in just a few days, I am going to be taking my 16-month-old daughter to the beach for the first time. I am really excited to see her reaction to the sand and the waves and all of the memories we are going to make, but I'm also nervous about the 6+ hour drive. The longest she's been in the car is probably 2 hours, so I'm trying to think of ways to keep her occupied on the ride.

One thing I have done is charged up the iPad. I know, screen time is frowned upon by some, but if it's going to keep her from screaming the whole ride you best believe I'm going to be playing some 'Little Baby Bum' part of the ride.

I've also got a battery powered fan hooked up to make sure she stays cool. Car seats and the back seat of a car can get really warm, so I want to keep her temperature just right. I've also packed a blanket just in case it gets chilly.

"Helping" pack her suitcase

Another must have: toys, books and snacks. I've loaded a bag up of all the things to keep her distracted for as long as possible.

Other essentials I've made sure to pack for when we arrive:

  • A large tent for shade.

  • A fold up wagon that she can sit in and we can put all of our beach items in. Babies have a lot of stuff so the less you have to carry, the better!

  • Baby powder - which I've heard is great for removing sand.

  • Sunscreen: both spray-on (not the aerosol kind) and lotion.

  • Hats, long sleeved bathing suits, sunglasses, and water shoes.

  • A portable high-chair - perfect for traveling.

  • A plastic shower curtain. You can dig out a hole in the sand, put the shower curtain over it, and fill it with water. It's like a cheap, small swimming pool.

  • Life jacket, puddle jumper, and a float suit. I bought all 3 because I'm not sure which one will work best and will be most comfortable. I don't want a screaming child the entire time she's in the water. I'm all about comfort and happiness. Also, her doctor recommended to put something on her that you aren't tempted to take off. He said there were several drownings in our region in 2018 because the parents took the life jacket off while their child ate lunch, and the kid got in the water before their jackets were put back on. So sad.

  • Swimming diapers - cloth and throw away. We'll see which one works better.

  • Fan mist sprayer

  • Camera and video recorder

  • Snacks, toys, books.

  • Oh, and don't forget Mamaw and Papaw ;)

Just to name a few!

Again, this is my first time planning a trip to the beach with a toddler so I'm sure I'll learn a lot while I'm there.

If you've got any tips or tricks, I'd love to hear them! Feel free to find me on social media. Facebook: Karissa Winstead, Realtor

Instagram: @karissawinstead

Or email me at karissawinstead@gmail.com

Happy Traveling!

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